New Year Resolution 2005

I only learn this word “Resolution” after I have started blogging. I thought it only means the pixel dimension of a screen…

I guess it is ok to define my New Year resolution within the first month of the year, although usually I should have frozen them at the end of last year.

Here is the List of my top 10 resolution:

(1) To apply for PhD.

(2) To discuss if we would have kids or not.

(3) As a backup of (1), to explore job opportunity which also utilize my strengths.

(4) To review and organize the record (good and bad) of my life so far, and establish a system for easy update.

(5) To set up schedule to read books regularly, and to identify the proper channel to constantly absorb new knowledge.

(6) To set up a system for easy capturing of information and thoughts collected, and for easy recording and expression of feeling and emotion.

(7) To establish the pattern of regular Exercise.

(8) To improve in the area of “Focus”. So, have to restrict the wish list to only 8 items. Bye for now!