[News] US No.3 and 4 Airlines Delta and Northwest filed for Chapter 11

(Source: CNN, Los Angeles Time, Financial Times and The Seattle Times)

Is it the recent oil crisis responsible to push Delta and Northwest Airline out of business? Or is it something else? I don’t know. But I am sure besides fuel costs, their labour costs should be also rocket high as well. Of course, it is easier to blame the oil then their staffs.

I always remember the story of Southwest Airline about how Mr Herb Kelleher treasures their people and so the Airline could make money at the same time. In 2004 they have announced its 31st consecutive year of profitability. It means that amazingly they have never seen any red figures ever! It is already an incredible result for any industry. But for Airline industry it is really a mission impossible, especially when we compare their result with United Airline, US Airway, Delta, and Northwest etc.


我今晚又再一次做善事,和 Lenbe 夾份捐了 $75 給馬會作慈善用途。當然馬會也回贈了數張沒中獎的六合彩獎給我們作留念。

因沒人中的關係 (16, 26, 29, 39, 41, 46 + 34; 全是大 number),我也可當是暫借了 $75 給馬會,下期等埋中秋金多寳才一次過取回來。多謝!!

Little H


eBay Agrees to Buy Skype For $2.6 Billion

According to the THE WALL STREET JOURNAL today, eBay is going to buy Skype with US$2.6 Bilion with cash and stock.

I am a big fan of Skype myself, and I am happy about them and for them. The purchase does make sense, as for eBay, Skype could be a new platform to reach out their target seller / buyer as an immediate stage 1 effect, and can provide real voice based online auctions as a stage 2 benefit.

A more striking effect is that ebay has 157.3 million registered users with around 64.6 million active ones, and even if half of them are already using Skype, it would still help Skype to enjoy a potential grow of at least 50% from its 52 million users based so far, and speed up the threat towards the existing telecommunications companies.

Tired Lenbe and Little H

Today Little H made Lenbe very tired. Perhaps it is a major construction going on today. Perhaps it is the nose or eyes or something. It is not a good time to go to Disneyland. But we do. I am going to bring Lenbe and Little H to Disney Hotel (and of course the Disneyland) to celebrate Little H’s mum’s birthday. I guess we would not running around too much, as it would be too many people as the flesh wall to stop us running. My plan is to relax ourselves and promise ourselves not to rush to anything, as oppose to the style of the rest of the Hongkongers. And I believe I am good at that. Hope the relaxing environment would be great for both Lenbe and Little H.