I am so sleepy. I need a nap

Why I am so sleepy at 5pm? I tried coffee. I tried washing my face. I tried music. Doesn’t work. I tried looking out the window, and found that the sun is setting, and so do I.

arrh, I know. I was up till 2AM last night. That’s why. But it is no good too. I need to train myself to sleep less. Not to be sleepless, but just to sleep fewer hours. Coz sooner I would be up all night feeding the baby. I mean, not me. My wife does that. But I would be up helping her. So, 2AM is not late enough. I have to train myself. I have to be able to go to the bed at/after 3AM, and still not be miserable during the day time next day.

Plus, I always plan (or should I say, wish) that if I sleep less, my weight will fall. I don’t see any correlation between the amount of sleep and the weight. But that’s my wish.


伊健和GiGi復合? 咁都問?!

昨日某記者會中娛記不斷追問伊健會否和GiGi復合。大哥!佢地剛剛分手,若咁快又答你復得合,咁唔駛開記招宣佈分手啦,你估個個都咁鍾意用呢的野來宣傳咩? 簡直係廢問題。

其實橫掂都係廢問,不如廢得精采 D,問伊健會否or幾時和邵美琪復合,或幾時和鍾嘉欣分手仲正啦! (唔好話,其實可能有人已經問左。)

Winter is the season to say goodbye

It has almost become a new tradition to me that I have to say goodbye after every winter. I was still with my little company at 2003 winter, and then in 2004 winter I was already reunited with the big blue-colored European multi-national company. In 2005, I have spent my first winter in Central, and then I am off to go again.

Changing is good. Changing towards good places should be even better. But the fact that I could live in a dynamic life and see more things (and people) every day, because of the changing, no matter to good or bad, is already a blessing.

Now I am going to step into a field that required a more stable and steady mind. The good thing is that there would be people come and go in front of me, and so it serves the purpose to make my life even more dynamic than before. Hope that I could break the tradition this time and stay with this life style (as an academic) a bit longer. Hope that I am still in this field during the winter of 2006~2007.