On Diet Week 3

I didn’t plan 2 weeks ago to be Week 1. But being Week 3 today makes me feel that the mission has been on going for a while, and might fool me to think that it has already become a normal practice of myself. Furthermore, since I have already lost some weight since then, so I already could have some sense of achievement right from the beginning. Ha ha.

Anyway, after the salad yesterday, I lost 1.2 lbs as compared with 2 days ago. It was not that amazing, as my weight usually going up and down a lot within a week. So if I can keep this gap after a month, then that is a real achievement.

To make things simple, I would mark the real weight (1×4 lbs) three weeks ago as X lbs, and I tried to record my reduction of my weight on the blog as often as possible.

Since the number X was three weeks ago, so as of today, I am now 1.6 lbs away from X lar! My target is to reach at least 4.1 lbs reduction by end of next week. Usually it is easier to acheive big numbers at the start, so hope I could do that.

Thanks for the comment by MadDog, but yesterday I tried skipping breakfast, and not working too well for me, as my morning is quite miserable. Instead, this morning I tried Oak Meal as breakfast. So far my feeling is very good. But I don’t expect to see a good reason tomorrow, as today is my last day here and we will have party tonight. Party usually put weight on a person. Anyway, cheers!