【Babyhood】 by Paul Reiser

My wife suddenly reminded me that we had a book called “Babyhood” by Paul Reiser. I bought this book 8 years ago in Sydney, because I liked the book “Couplehood” by the same author. Of course, since at that time I was busy in getting ready for the “couplehood” thing in my life, but had really nothing to do with “babyhood” yet, so I in fact I have not yet really read it for the last 8 years.

Now perhaps it is about time for me to pick it up and start reading it. It smells good. Like an old kind of dishes that you have missed for a long time, and suddenly it is placed in front of you.

Let me share with you guys what it is all about after I really have time to read it.

Oh, by the way, if anyone would ask: yes, this Paul is the Paul in the TV series “Mad About You”, which he co-starred with Helen Hunt.


Coffee or Tea? (or I can’t tell the difference anyway?)

As usual, this is 5pm now, and I am very sleepy. And so I made myself the usual jar of coffee with the coffee machine on my desk. Normally I had 4 tea spoons of coffee beans for my coffee machine. Today I tried 5.

Now I know why I thought this coffee was not good. I just added not enough coffee that’s all. I even blame Starbucks for selling that lousy Christmas Blend, and spread the words. Now I must confess that this Christmas Blend tastes good (as long as it is strong enough). It reminds me about the taste of Pu Erh 普洱。

Oh yes, that’s why I think I like to drink 普洱. They both taste the same. Or similar enough to make me like them both (and yes, I only drink black coffee, and that’s why it is possible that my coffee tastes like 普洱).