Young John McCain

Since Hillary is done, our (meaning Hong Kong’s only, and certainly not the States) attentions would be put back to the old McCain (somewhat like how Celtics finally beats Pistons at Game 6 and now we would bring Lakers to Boston to have the final fight).

And yes, McCain is old now. But he was young once too. Seriously, looking at the picture below, I am sure McCain would kick Obama’s butt if the old man is 35 years younger. At least the look.

Oh, he was a smoker — of course it is perfectly OK to be a smoker, just that it is rare in the present terms to see a public figure to smoke in front of the camera. Plus, I guess he must have quit it quite awhile ago, as he certainly still looks quite healthy as a 71 year-old man.

Picture source: Shorpy, The 100-Year Old Photo Blog.