What is iPad?

The new iPad commercial — “What is iPad?”

iPad is thin. iPad is beautiful. iPad goes anywhere and lasts all day. There’s no right way or wrong way. It’s crazy powerful. It’s magical. You already know how to use it. It’s 200,000 apps and counting. All the world’s websites in your hand. It’s video, photos, more books than you can read in a lifetime. It’s already a revolution and its only just begun.

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我唔會買 iPad!
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其實真正的原因很簡單。我喝咖啡是為了喝其咖啡香,而不是奶香。很多人說 Starbucks 的咖啡像熱奶。我從無這感覺,可能因為我絕少喝 cappuccino 或 latte。咖啡就是咖啡,被奶味蓋過後就變成另一樣東西。在家我也是喝 espresso,而且是要有那層「crema」(如圖)在頂端才算像樣。

但不是每個人也是這樣想。前陣子在彼邦喝過一家 non-Starbucks chain 出品的 espresso。咖啡味極香,但不苦澀,而且口感順滑。我和內子讚不絕口,說同是連鎖店的出品,這家的品質好過 Starbucks 幾倍!但同行的團友卻不以為然,說他們的 latte 實在太濃太澀,差點要拿回櫃檯再添點奶才喝得下!在我看來,這似乎是被平日的 Starbucks「熱奶」縱壞了!不過,「好咖啡」的定義是隨人而定的。我強行說奶味重就不算是好咖啡的確有點霸道。

話說回來,某日我到 food court 內一家以牛肉飯著名的連鎖快餐店吃早餐。平日我總是要熱奶茶,因為對他們的咖啡抱著很低的期望。那天我仍未睡醒,所以破天荒點了一杯齋啡。嘩!那刻我終於明白咖啡加奶的意義了!就像小妹們那塗面具一樣的化妝同一原理:為了讓自己不見得人的一面藏起,只好將自己喬裝成別人不認得的樣子!唉!對著那難喝得像「煙灰水」的咖啡,也難怪正常人會認為加奶的咖啡才是正統!

Start with “Why”!

Most computer companies start by telling you they make great products. Apple does the opposite. It starts by telling you why it makes computers. According to the speaker Simon Sinek in his TED’s speech, Apple actually communicates like this:

“Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly. We just happen to make great computers. Want to buy one?”

To explained his “Golden Circle”: from “why” to “how” to “what”, a reversed, inside-out direction as compared to everybody else, he also quoted other examples like Martin Luther King and the Wright brothers in his speech.

A inspiring content by a inspiring speaker!

After thoughts:
I read an article this morning about an essay on “causal reasoning” vs. “effectual reasoning”.

The diagrams in the essay shown how an entrepreneur is not bound to a given target. Rather, he/she would optimize what he/she has and gives the best performance. The result would then flow along.

I tend to disagree with this argument, especially after watching the TED’s speech above. I tend to think that the reason behind the success of an entrepreneur is not the “freedom” behind it. The reason behind the success is the “sense of purpose” and the “why” before the start of anything. That “Given Target” or “Imagined Ends” are just the “what” in the equation, and the “why” is somewhat untold in the story here.

Well, not quite, in the original article, the author did mention something like: “Yet at any given moment, there is always a meaningful picture that keeps the team together, a compelling story that brings in more stakeholders and a continuing journey that maps out uncharted territories”. It is funny that all sentences before and after, but not this part itself, was underlined. But if you ask me, this in fact is the core of the whole matter.  Start with “Why”!

《一些關於時間的思考》- 梁啟智

在 Facebook 見到阿啓貼了一齣簡單清晰的短片,去指出「香港人還未準備好普選」的說法是荒謬的。看看事實,看看歷史,看看數字,一語中的,簡單易明。特化為 YouTube 片子轉貼於此,望更多的人可以看到,從而加入思考的行列。