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I know I am bad with words. I know I should have paid more attention on this at school. Now it’s too late. Oh well, I admit that I don’t give a shit about this anymore.

If you need me to explain anything, please listen to what I am saying with your heart, coz that’s the only way you could understand it. I am bad with words and it is hard for you to get what I mean by just looking at the surface.

When I say “heart” instead of “brain”, I meant it. Human beings know how to use their brain to tackle problems and troubles. But it is the “heart” which could add true value and meaning to the soul.


Blog 寫少了,就算有貼文也是英文或貼圖貼片,實在是有苦衷。原本 PC 用開縱橫輸入法,轉 Mac 後沒了,OS X Han Recognizer 又常瓜(寫唔瓜,但 quit 唔到,要 reboot) ,學倉頡和拼音的時機己過,但又未想學九方。

其實最實際就是寫全英文。反正我的 blog 也沒有太多人圍觀;爛英文又好,慢中文也好,自說自話,甚麼語言也沒有分別,對吧?