Ristretto_NespressoHere I am. 3:47am. After the second shot of Ristretto, I don’t think I would be heading back to bed too soon. Oh well. I got plenty of things on my list anyway. Writing something here is one of them. But of course not like this. I didn’t plan to be this way anyway.

By the way, my problem of not updating here has been tackled. Kinda. My excuse was to find an easier way to type. I mean Chinese, particularly on my Mac.

Now, I have found the way out. I would either use my iPhone as the wireless numpad to type qcode (which I have learnt already in 90 seconds two days ago) on my MBP, or to simply switch myself back to pure English. The later could be a better choice because eventually I need to write something formally in English with perhaps a quarter million of words. And I better start practicing it from now.

hmm… finally it is the WordBooker who got me. Now I am sleepy enough to go back to the bed.

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