Aimee Mullins: The opportunity of adversity

A powerful speech by Aimee Mullins, named one of the most beautiful athlete, actress, and fashion model, without any leg.


“The human ability to adapt is our greatest asset.”

About how she feel against the term — “overcoming adversity” “Adversity isn’t an obstacle that we need to get around in order to resume living our life. It’s part of our life.”

“The question isn’t whether or not you gonna meet adversity, but how you gonna meet it.”… … “So our responsiblity is not simply shielding those we care for from adversity, but preparing them to meet it well”.

“Perhaps the existing model of only looking at what is broken in you and how do we fix it serves to be more disabling to the individual than the pathology itself.”

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Photo source: David Shankbone via Wiki

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