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Today is Sunday. I like Saturday better than Sunday because Sunday gives you that “The End of The World” feeling.

People might ask how is it exactly feel like. Well, it is something like what this now: I know I have lots of thing should have been done during the weekend, but I haven’t found the chance to look into those. And now by the end of today, I still have no time to do it. So finally I give up and wait until the end of the day, and sleep.

Or to be exact, I should say the exact moment of when the weekend really ends is the dawn of Monday. If I really have to fight till the last minute, then the sun rise would be my deadline. When I see the first blue colour fading in to the sky above the container terminal, I know it is about time for me to surrender and take my morning shower.

Another day, another week, another battle has begun. And the war never ends.

My First Blog

I am going to write my own blog starting from today. Today is officially my first day in the new office. According to the Tong Shing, today is a better day to start a new job. Besides, the department assistant was on “medical leave” (this is a new term I’ve learnt yesterday) yesterday, so nothing could be setup for me. Officially, I would say a man without a computer (and Internet connection) is a man without a real job. So I have decided to conclude that my job starts today, with an assumption that I would see her today.

I am glad that so far most of the things turn out as I was expecting them to be. I must say that I didn’t have much expectation anyway, so this “expectation test” is fairly easy to pass. Everything is within the imagination of a man who have already lived half his career life in this place before.

Here is my goal. My goal for today is to work out a plan for myself for at least the first 3 weeks of my days here before I go off to Beijing.