Bangalore Day 1 Part A

If I have to pick a day to resume my diary writing, today would be one of the best candidates for the recent months.

I shall start my story at Bangkok airport. It is not a huge airport, but it is long and thin. I walked for awhile and decided not to explore the airport because I was originally already at Gate 15, where I would board my flight to Bangalore, and if I walked to anywhere else, I practically had to walk the same way back to Gate 15, and that’s not my normal practice. So I decided to stay at the gate and read my book.

No so long after, there was an announcement saying that passenger with children may board first, and all other passengers should remain at their seat until their seat numbers is announced. As soon as this announcement was made, all passengers jumped up from their seats and rushed to the entrance. I wasn’t sure that was a Thai thing or an Indian thing, but I could feel that they were all very aggressive people, so I thought I better followed.

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