Bangalore Day 1 Part B

I squeezed myself through the tunnel, I found myself in a very traditional looked Thai aircraft, all decorated with Thai’s colors and styles, to me it means it was quite old looking. Most of the flight attendants spoke Thai to me, perhaps because I was one of the few Chinese/Thai looking person out of all the Indian on board. I am not sure why they still have to ask around to check who is having Indian Vegetarian food. I thought it would be more efficient if they asked who was not taking the vegetarian food, and served us first.

Then, during the flight most of the time the Captain used Thai as the language in all his announcements. I tried to be attentive because I guess I was one of his few target audience on board.

Finally the aircraft reaches Bangalore. Bangalore Airport is a tiny little airport not much bigger than a normal bus terminal in Hong Kong. When I stepped out from the aircraft and went into the arrival hall, there were 4 counters (only) for immigration, and that’s it. And after the guy checking my passport and visa, there was another guy at the door way asked for my passport again. OK, I guess it was some kind of QC. I passed that door, and reach a tiny luggage belt, with a tiny currency exchange store and a tiny souvenir store right next to the belt. I could nearly see my aircraft sitting on the other side of the wall where the belt came out, and that’s how small the terminal was

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