Bangalore Day 1 Part C

I finally got my luggage, and matched towards the exit. Passport checking again. This time, the QC part played it role. This 3rd passport checking guy was interested at my luggage. Didn’t know why. Perhaps of shape or something. Perhaps it looked too full to him, so he asked me to take my luggage for x-ray scanning. Of course right on spot he discovered that I had 5 pieces of well-packed full package MP3 players inside. The first thing I said was that they were all “engineering sample for firmware programming work in Bangalore software center”. The x-ray guy didn’t buy that, because they looked too new and too well packed. To him they were all new finished goods, and frankly speaking they are. So he said I have to pay custom duty for that, and asked me how much did they worth. I said US$5 each. He said they should at least worth $50 each, and he was also correct. Gees, these people are really very hi-tech.

I decided to play the “dumb Chinese” mode, and keep saying that I didn’t know I didn’t know, and I even showed him my “project manager” business card to show that I was really taking those goods for product development purpose only. The guy called the other supervisor for help, and they insisted harder. I didn’t know what to do. At that critical moment, another Chinese guy came up with his bags and said that he wanted his passport back. The two guys suddenly switch their attentions towards this new victim, and decided not to spent time with me, and dramatically gave me back the passport and let me go.

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