Bangalore Day 1 Part D

I finally stepped on the street, and within 15 seconds I saw a tag with my name on it. That should be the driver. Very nice guy. But crazy driver. He always turned right on the left lane, and did all sorts of other tricks to gain one or two place ahead of other cars. I decided not to look directly to the front so that I don’t have to feel too scary, so I turned my eye sight to the side windows and try to enjoy my first impression of India. I found that I had not much to see. It was way too dark. The city had way too few light bulbs installed. Even the shops and restaurant which were opened were with just one or two very dim light bulb that kept people aware of their existence. I guess in return I should say Hong Kong people are too crazy about brighten up the city, so that’s why I feel the big contrast.

Then I was at the hotel lobby. I heard from my colleagues that it was a very old hotel. I also saw some photos in the Internet, and it was really old. But in front of me was a very newly renovated lobby with a very fancy bar and restaurant. At first I thought I was at the wrong place. Then I realized that if this hotel was newly renovated, it might be not too bad after all. While I was still guessing in my mind if their renovation work did or did not also cover the rooms (which was more important than the lobby to me), the lobby guy woke me up by saying that the hotel was in fact full already, and they would drive me to another hotel nearby!

Now finally I am at that “near-by 3-star” hotel, with no clean water, no real windows, no Internet and small beds. Luckily the room is bright and has no carpet, to me it is already a big plus because it is much cleaner than my expected standard. No matter what, I would check out tomorrow, and let me see if I could check in to a better hotel, or I have to stay at Thijs’ study room. I personally prefer the latter one but of course I don’t want to disturb his family with such a short notice.

Tell me what you think!