Bangalore Day 2 Part A

I could not sleep too well in the hotel last night, but still managed to wake up only just in time. I had a quick shower and packed up as quick as I could, so that I could check out with my luggage with me. I went down and hope that the crazy driver would be there waiting for me already. Didn’t see him. So I waited. And waited. I spent time studying the little shop at the opposite side of the street. And waited. And I spent time (and guts) having a “breakfast at the “cafe” in the hotel. And waited.

Finally after an hour no one showed up at the door. I would not blame him. Who knew I would change to another hotel at the middle of the night? At the end I paid for my own taxi from the hotel, and 15 minutes later I am in the office building, finally.

Thijs welcomed me warmly at the door and introduced me to the whole floor. I was surprised to see so many people are working for the division, as I always had the impression that we do not have enough resources.

Then my long day started with meeting with the software team. It was a bit annoying as I could not connect to the network. They said it was the shortage of IP. I guess I have to come in earlier tomorrow morning to fight for my IP

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