Believing is Seeing

The boss of my boss’ boss always says this in front of us:

“Seeing is Believing” is not correct, because it should be “Believing is Seeing”.

I always thought this is a stupid slogan, just to push us to make silly commitment to our works. Today, I finally feel the meaning of it.

This evening I was discussing the topic #2 of my New Year Resolution with my wife. I told her that I had a good feeling to have kids and family after watching the movie “The Incredibles“, but I still have doubt about how we could really make it happens. With that feeling in mind, I could not say a firm yes.

Then my wife said the following, which I found very stunning to myself, although it sounds so normal and so logical. She said: “we should not always confirm our target after we know how we could achieve the target. Instead, we should examine the intended result, and if we believe we would enjoy the result, then we should firstly confirm the target, and then think of how we could achieve the target.”

It is all very true. Sometimes I spent so long to perform the “feasibility study” before I confirm whether I should move forward or not, until it is too late to confirm. If I could believe in what I am going to see, then eventually I would some how make myself seeing it. If on the other hand I have to stand still until the stage that I am able to see it first, it is meaningless to ask myself to believe in it anymore, coz any how I am already there, no matter if I believe it or not.

2 thoughts on “Believing is Seeing”

  1. You’re NEVER NEVER ready to have kids. Believe me. I’m still surprised when I hear some little person call me Mommy.


  2. I guess you would get used to it after a few years. And you would miss it when she goes to colleage.

    How old is your daughter now?

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