Chrome for iOS

I have been using Chrome since day one (well, honestly, since day three, 4/Sept/2008).

At that time I (correctly) predicted that Google would flood the world in the mobile space. Three and a half years later, Android + Chrome conquer almost 60% of the smartphone world. Interestingly at that time I named his rivals as MS IE, Firefox and Safari, now it seems that the browsers game is not even the battleground anymore at all.

Anyway, a few days ago Google has launched Chrome on iOS. After the trial, I would say even though it is not as strategically important as how Chrome was for the desktop world at the previous age, but still it is a sticky product because the UX is smarter and neater (than Mobile Safari) (I never a big fan of Opera so I won’t compare with it).

Chrome on iPad offers Siri-liked voice search function (previously already on the Google iOS app), that’s cool, but not exciting. Syncing everything everywhere is handy, especially it remember which devices I have surfed that location with, that’s really cool.

I have put my Safari inactive and surf with Chrome on my iPhones and iPads from today onwards. No turning back.

2 thoughts on “Chrome for iOS”

  1. I personally prefer Chrome for all devices (including desktop) but it is by far the superior browser for mobile devices.

    It’s been said that iOS and Chrome is not a good mix due to it not being able to utilise the Nitro JavaScript engine in iOS (potentially causing performance issues). But after using it I think it’s clear this is not a problem. iPhone and iPad browsing is better than ever.

    1. sure thing. I have not run into the situation where the web app is demanding enough to show the performance issues that would annoy me. And after all, it is also a matter of expectation. As long as it delivers something beyond the expectation, the users will buy it.

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