Cracked iPod Nano


Is this a real case or is this just a scandal to hurt Apple’s name? I don’t know. But surely it could draw lots of attention and traffic (including mine) to the site. On the other hand, I could clearly remember that I have read another article on ars technica and it showed that the iPod Nano could still worked after a car running over it. The site rated it as “Extremely Durable”.

I can’t judge which side is true, because I don’t even own one. I don’t even own one because I’ve decided to wait for the 80GB iPod with Video function, well, at least that’s what I am guessing that they are going to launch before Xmas this year (plus my wife said I got no excuse to buy a 4GB player while I already have a 30GB iPod and a 1GB Shuffle) (she is correct, it is really only a fashion statement, and I can’t really explain how I could make use of it if I own it).

Oh, and one thing about drawing lots of attention and traffic to the site ““: It would be interesting that if the site owner put a Google ad in it, then the smart Google Adwords and AdSense would detect lots of “iPod Nano” mentioned in the text, and shows lots of ads for iPod Nano. It would be funny.

3 thoughts on “Cracked iPod Nano”

  1. The link to the stress test of Nano, incluing having the test subject run over by a car, is as follows:

    For me, I won’t use an iPod without some form of protection, i.e. jacket/case. All of them are designed to be scratched easily, so that you are encouraged to buy cases or get them replaced with the next iPod. Not that I am complaining, though. πŸ˜›

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