It has been a good day today.

I mean, I expected something to happen, it didn’t, so I should feel disappointed. But I am not. I just felt relieved. Relieved in a weird way, because I am not at a point that I can fully relax (for example, I wish to go to a float tank session soon, but I bet my mind will go crazy in there if I go now with my unsettled mind).

Nonetheless, I also realise I can hack how I feel by adjusting my expectation. You see, the classic service satisfaction model states that satisfaction equals to the gap between perceived values and the expected value. If I can use my resilience to control my expectation to the lowest, then I’ll always have a happy life.

Based on this gap model, I am able to stay very calm and smooth during the day today.

And perhaps for the same reason, I also have a very enjoyable evening as well. I am at Jac’s school for his string orchestra concert, and I would say by far this is the best school orchestra I have ever encountered. The orchestra at the old place provided me a very effective reference to boost up my satisfaction here tonight. I am glad that we are here but not there.

Tell me what you think!