Fifteen movies that will always stick with you

Previously on Facebook I was tagged for a note-topic “Fifteen movies that will always stick with you”. I spent quite a little bit of a time to think about the list, and these are the 15. Please note that they are the one it “sticks” with me for all these years, but not necessary the best.

1. 世紀末暑假
2. The Butterfly Effect
3. 無間道
4. 12 Monkeys
5. The Matrix series
6. The Fight Club
7. The Usual Suspects
8. Godfather series
9. 2046
10. Jack Ryan’s film series
11. 鎗火
11. Dead Poet Society
12. Interview with the Vampire
13. Memento
14. The Shawshank Redemption
15. Back To The Future series

Since I would like to stick to the rules (although I have already cheated a bit by adding a few “series” on the list), so many of my favourites (but perhaps not as sticky as these one) didn’t make to the list. For example, the Terminator series, Top Gun, Transformer, The Sixth Sense, The Dark Knight, The Thirteenth Floor etc should have made the list but somehow they are not as sticky as the others, in terms of how they stay in my brain for a few years or more once I’ve watched them… …

Tell me what you think!