First Kick

My sweet wife Chris worries about how my boy is slowing down in response. I could only share her feeling by how she describe to me and by showing me her joy with her facial expression. So I can’t tell what it feels like to have a baby inside.

She has been telling the baby to “kick” her or at least to show her some sign to reassure his existence. And he did. I guess he did, because Chris said that she could feel some strange feeling inside, like he is swimming around and turning. It is a very exciting moment. I also feel the joy too, because we can sense a life among us, within us, and as a result of us. The feeling is so great.

2 thoughts on “First Kick”

  1. All of our kids acted differently in the womb.

    Even decades latter the jumpy one is still jumpy, the quiet one still thoughtful, etc.

    Sounds like yours is willing to please.

    That is a nice thought.

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