iPod Maps

(source: ipodsubwaymaps.com)

This is another news about iPod. Now you could download maps that could be stored in iPod (iPod Photos only) and iPod Nano from this site. I don’t know how special these pictures have to be. I guess they must have simply cut the pictures to a certain size so that the metro stations could be shown in the tiny iPod screen clearly, that’s all.

The site had a copyright issued cracked down some weeks ago because it showed digitized copy of the New York City subway system map for download without the permission of the New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority. Of course it didn’t hurt much because on the contrary it has drawn more people to visit the site to check out what’s going on. But the poor guy has to draw his own version of New York City subway system map himself all over again from scratch to avoid the copyright thing.

Anyway, this is the map of Hong Kong MTR: http://ipodsubwaymaps.com/download. Enjoy!

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