Jacob Quotes II

As how I showed you guys last time, ever since Jac Jac has started speaking, we have been constantly amazed by his funny logic and use of words, and often his kind heart behind them.

Well, of course we are bias. And we are his parents, we have all the rights to do so. But, you can judge yourself (and to be fair, remember to look at it from a 2-year-olds point of view):

Incident 1:

We are surrounded by mosquitoes inside and outside our home everyday. One day when we helped Jac Jac to put on the mosquito repellent, we “told” the mosquitoes not to bite Jac Jac.

Jac Jac then joined in and say: “Mosquitoes don’t bite Jac Jac, mosquitoes don’t bite Mammy, mosquitoes don’t bite Daddy, mosquitoes don’t bite Ma Ma… …, ” until he covered everybody in the room. And while he was doing that, he eagerly helped to apply the repellent to everybody.

He then said “Jac Jac is not yummy, mosquitoes don’t bite Jac Jac!”

“Who is yummy then?” we asked.

“Mosquito is yummy! Mosquito bites Mosquito!”

We were impressed.

(Photo on the right was taken in a restaurant in Central 2 days ago.)

Incident 2:

We once pointed to Mammy big tummy and asked “Jac Jac, do you know who’s inside there?”

“Baby is inside!!” Jac Jac answered happily.

I then pointed to my big (and bigger) tummy and said “See, daddy also have a baby inside!”

Jac Jac responded (with a “don’t you fool me” look in his eyes) “No No! Baby inside Mammy, tummy inside Daddy!”. Not only he knew I am a Fat Man, he also well recognized the biggest feature of becoming one.

We really can’t fool him no more…

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