Little Stupid Guy

Happy New Year! This is the New Year day of the year of Rooster!!

One thing about Chinese New Year, besides the 3 days public holiday, is the food and snacks we gonna have in this few days. As a part of the game, we have to visit our relatives one by one, in the order of seniority. The host would firstly serve us with those traditional Chinese New Year style snacks, such as dry melon seed and sweet lotus, and then we, depends on how close we are with the host, might have meal together there.

This year my parents got some very interesting snack from Shanghai. It is called Siu Wu Tao Yen. In Cantonese (a kind of Chinese dialect), it sounds the same as “Little Stupid Guy”. It in fact is a kind of crushed walnut, with slightly honey favored. It goes really well with wine or beer. We even once treat that as a kind of breakfast food. Or to a certain extends it should also go with cereal and milk very well.

Perhaps the whole family has given too many good comments to this Little Stupid Guy too much, so my dad has decided to buy a bit more next week when he flies to Shanghai for business trip again. I didn’t say no to him because I thought the best way to quit an addiction on anything is to overdose it (except drugs, I guess..…. coz which would kill you before you could get rid of the addiction). Let’s see if I would mention this guy again in a few weeks time!

Tell me what you think!