Minority Report by Microsoft

Doesn’t it look somewhat familiar?


“Oh, isn’t that what Tom Cruise did in the film Minority Report ?”

“I thought that’s what I saw in the TED Conference 2 years ago.”

“Just that this time Microsoft commercializes it into a hundreds of dollars kind of product instead of the US$10,000 coffee table named Microsoft Surface .”

“Well, in fact that’s what I am doing right now on my iPhone anyway.”

“Oh yeah? But you can’t use both of your index fingers on your iPhone at the same time… …”

“Why I wanna use both my index fingers at the same time with any phone? Who’s gonna hold the phone for me then?”

Source: TechCrunch.com ~ Touchwall: Microsoft’s Inexpensive Wall-Based Multi-Touch Interface
Quote: “Bill Gates will demo a new multi-touch computer and interface today called TouchWall at the Microsoft CEO Summit in Redmond.”

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