My iPod Video arrived last Friday

I finally got my new toy last Friday evening. At the end I have decided to get the thinner 30GB instead of the 60GB, firstly because the 11mm thickness is just too attractive, and secondly they have stock for 30GB but not 60GB. For the same reason I got the white instead of the black (I originally reserved a black unit from the store). Well, I believe if the device has scratches, then the black body color would make the scratches become more obvious to be noticed. So in that consideration, I prefer white then (although black is cooler, but what good if it looks cool but crappy?)

The slim design makes my original 3rd generation 30GB iPod looks like a brick. I remember I used to like that design. Now I can’t remember why. With the new iPod I can really put it in my shirt pocket without really feeling it.

One bad thing about the device is that we don’t have access to the iTunes Music Store account, so all we can do there is to download the video podcasts, but cannot download (purchase) any Desperate Housewives, Lost, Pixars’ catoons and Coldplay’s music videos. I have spent extra HK$2xx to upgrade my Quicktime to Quicktime Pro, so that I could convert other mpeg files into the iPod format. My aim is to also put my wife’s and baby’s movies and photos in the iPod. I have converted a few clippings from the Quicktime site into the iPod format, and it looks really smooth in the iPod.

The next bad thing about the device is that it is still very easy to get scratches on the body (and as I said, that’s one of the reasons why I finally decided to get the white instead of the black unit). I am not sure how Apple could live with this after five generations of iPod and the recent complaints with the Nano. I am waiting for the silicon case to protect it.

Apart from these 2 bad points, I love this product very much (so far). It keeps its long winning UI, plus all the new features in Nano (world clock, device lock etc). It works perfectly with iTunes 6.1, and most important of it, it is slim and beautiful. I would give a 9/10 (9 out of 10) rating to this iPod.

3 thoughts on “My iPod Video arrived last Friday”

  1. Just one suggestion, instead of chosing “Export to iPod”, export your movie to mp4 format (check the spec for requirment), since the default encoding for “Export to iPod” is H.264 and it take 3~4 times longer to encode.

  2. thanks. I would try that tonight. Anyway we could encode DVD content into mp4 or H.264? I can’t open DVD files (xxx.vob files) by QuickTime.

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