New Neighbor

It is just shocking to know that there would be a new house built on the slope next to my little house. The machine started to dig a hole next to the house 2 days ago, and it is how we found out. No sign, no warning.

For those of you who have been really reading my blog and watching my photos, you would find that I have a nice balcony (and roof top) facing a sea view. Now half of the view and privacy would be blocked by my new neighbor! I still don’t understand what kind of technology allows people to build a house on a thin land like this!

(Pic 1 – L) The sea view (looking straight from our roof), (Pic 2 – R) The construction site (looking down from our roof, taken at the same spot as pic 1)

We have to buy new curtains and new security alarms because of this. Maybe I should organize a “farewell” BBQ soon, to say good bye to the view.

My wife comfort me and thought of a good point about this: the new house might help to block the noise from the highway. Well, everything, including the “bad thing” as it seem, has its good side. Sometimes it is just harder than usual to find that side out (or harder than usual to make it relevant to ourselves).

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  1. this is the first time i’ve come across your site from Blog Explosion…it’s a wonderful blog and thank you for posting the have a beautiful home 🙂

    a.k.a green with envy right now 🙂

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