New Project(s)

I need to claim down.

I am starting 5 projects in one go recently. Firstly, as I said in my previous post, I am going to apply PhD by next January. So I need to run a project to do that. I call it Project A. Starting from now, finishing by, well, 5 years later perhaps. Very discouraging. Perhaps I should state that I would finish Phase 1 of Project A by April next year (when I know if I got accepted or not).

Secondly, as a preparation job of the Project A, I would like to (or have to) hop to a job which is more academic related, by the end of this year, and I call it Project B. I need Project B because I need to have more free time and free mind to prepare my research proposal, as well as to have a more stable and focus brain so that I could concentrate in Project A.

Thirdly, two of our buddies, Hazel and Hugo, are coming to meet us soon. The planned schedule is also next April, and so I have to start my Project C to welcome them. It would be a big project as many things in our daily lives have to be adjusted, including some of my habits.

As a consequence of Project C, I need to consider to make sure that we could stay in this house within next year, and then could move to a new place by the end of next year. In between I have to adjust the rental agreement of the landlord, and at the same time I have to take back our apartment from “Jenny” and sell it out. It requires quite a lot of interrelated tasks and $$. This is Project D.

Also as a consequence of Project C, we would consider to say goodbye to Pinky and say hello to our new friend Silvery (Project E) It should be a short project due to the time constraint, but would involve some licensing issues, insurance issues and finance issues. We need to finish this by early Sept. Time is pressing.

I am not a well organized person, so I need to claim down and write down all the tasks step by step so that I could concurrently manage these 5 projects smoothly but efficiently.

God bless us.

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