New Year Resolution 2009

This is my new year resolution for 2009.

It seems that we usually would have a new year resolution proposed at the New Year Day instead of three weeks later. But who says so? We have been making new plans throughout the year anyhow, right? Anyway, I guess the New Year gives an excuse to us to start everything all over again. Just like those special pardon at the start of each new government.

For the past few years my lists have always been full of planned projects that are awaiting to be started.

We have a huge breakthrough last year though, as we started quite a few of those awaiting projects during the year. Therefore, everything is WIP (work in progress) now. And so my plan this year is darn simple ~ to wish the following WIP items to progress in a healthy pace:

I would like to make sure that Jacob and Chester continue to grow in terms of their bodies, minds and emotions.

The main thing is, if they are happy, we would all be.

And I can’t wait to see the first moment when they both could play with each other without our presence, and so we could slip away to the next room to do something else, ha ha!

I hope we could all settle down with our new home, new schools and new job sooner. This is not hard to do since I have done that many times in my life already.

With items 1 and 2 above, hopefully we could enjoy more quiet and quality time as a couple in the near future.

I hope I could have a reasonable progress on my dissertation. The purpose is just to let me see the light at the end of the tunnel, so that I know how far more I have to go from here, and what it will take to get me there. As of this moment, I have no idea yet.

As for my body and health, I don’t have any plans. For example I am not going to state a weight loss target as this was not something that I was able to achieve in the past anyway. Rather, hopefully I could have a more healthy life from now on with my new schedule and practices.

As for the financial status, that’s something which is way beyond my control. I could only hope that the world would pull itself out of the swamp sooner, so that we could be all benefited from that. I can’t do much at the micro level.

This plan is simple, but the items are all not easy. Work hard!!


Tell me what you think!