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Why we are here?

This is always the biggest and deepest questions that we are trying to avoid to answer.

Seriously, what if the answer is “Nothing”?

How can you tell? You cannot. I have tried to answer Chester this question myself the other day. My answer to him is simple. Just like Buzz Lightyear won’t have a clue that he is merely a toy if he is still in the game, or Neo is still Mr Anderson until Trinity broke him free. The catch is, you will know if any only if you have left the game.

I am trying to jot down the log as it goes. Just in case one day I leave the game but for some reason my consciousness links to this world would still be working, then I know where to show off my proof to the being at the next dimension.

Let’s get started. Feel free to join me.

And I can promise you that my log tomorrow would be more funny and joyful. Stay tuned.

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