This article is written by the “Writer” module of This is the first attempt for me to use the OpenOffice for a stupid reason. I’ve decided not to install the Microsoft Office in this computer anymore, and so that’s why I would have to use the OpenOffice. Frankly speaking I am a big fan of Microsoft, so I don’t really want to push myself to use the open source software. However, honestly after the try I must say that this software is reasonably well designed. As long as you are not using too much fancy formating stuff, then OpenOffice is a great alternative of the MS Office. The problem is, I have too many contents already built (usually not by myself) with fancy format. So I guess I have to finish the evaluation process and change quickly back to Bill Gates camp.

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  1. I suggest you to install the “MS Word/Excel/PPT viewer” (and followed by lots of patches) from microsoft.

    I tried OpenSoftware before. However, it make me upset.
    Not because of the missing features but the compatibility level and stupid update/patching system. (actually, they don’t have one). And it is slow (as I am using just a little feature of it)

    I finally use, reader/viewer only, and I go to use Google Docs, which already cover 90% of “I” need.
    When I need some feature Google Docs missing, I export the file, and open it with MS Office on other machine (office, school…etc)

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