Are We Slaves?

While drafting my next blog entry, I was trying to think of a bigger and more meaningful topic than about a prehistoric dungeon, a shed exists in the 4th dimension, Hello Kitty or a bed above a toilet seat. But soon I realize that the whole thing are all related to the bigger part of us. No escape.

Then Apple Daily confirmed it all: we are slaves, and we are so proud of it. Look at their A1 these days: “罪犯欺君”, “厚顏面聖”… … what kind of position is that??

After all, are we upset only because now we finally find out that this “leader of slaves” are not smart enough? Perhaps people in Hong Kong in fact don’t really mind (and care) if Mr Leung or any other CE/politician is a decent man/woman or not. Or let me put it this way, if we have to choose between smartness and decency, we “mission-oriented” Hongkonger would pick the “ability to execute” above anything else. Ethical soul can’t feed our tummies. To me, “white lie” is still a lie, but to some people, perhaps even “grey lie” is still counting as social skill, and we should not “小事化大” (as if lying is such a minor part of the total picture).

Well, the worst part is, I even feel that this is all part of the calculation. I mean, seriously, what if he is smart enough not to care at all, as he knew it won’t make any difference what so ever, since all 7 millions of us are all spectators of the show anyway? Why care?

I have to admit that it is one of the reason why I prefer to stay here in the cold (really, last night it was 1 degree C at 3am) instead, as I still feel warmer on this side of the world.

4 thoughts on “Are We Slaves?”

  1. I think at the beginning they were trying to be sarcastic by referring the communist party as an absolute monarchy (which the communists were trying to overthrown a century ago)… But it’s been used too often now that people seems to believe that we still living in a feudal system.

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