Stefana Broadbent: How the Internet enables intimacy

The title of this TED presentation is somewhat misleading. It is not about Internet, or only Internet.

She did start off with some examples about how people like to engage with a small group of people all the time; and with the current technology, we are able to do it better than ever. However, the main point of her final argument is: “Should we be allowed to engaged with our personal life while being in an ‘institution’ ?”

via Guy Kawasaki

I know some people might pick on how she thought a bus driver should be OK to carry a cell. But that’s not the point.

I mean, personal engagement is part of the physical needs. In order to focus at work and perform, we need the right work/life balance. Of course the actually executions have to be depending on the situation, but the principle is simple: I see that as the same level as letting the staff to the bathroom.

And more importantly, the fact is, according to the statistics (that she has collected, assuming they are unbias), people are naturally doing that anyway. Well, obviously you can tell I am already on her side, coz otherwise I won’t post this video at 10:30am in the morning on a weekday. =p

By the way there is an ad by IBM at the end of the video. Quite interesting, but a bit scary.

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