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Mighty Mouse

This is a dream mouse. Another great Apple design. Mouse exists in the market for so long, and they could still design something that is so beautiful and unique, and yet so simple and minimal. What I love most about this product is that tiny little 360 degree scroll ball. Why not anyone else thought of it earlier?

I am ordering it now.

(info and picture source: http://www.appleclub.com.hk/mightymouse/)

My next 80GB iPod

I am planning to buy my next iPod. But not now. I currently have a second generation 30GB iPod that I’ve bought a few years ago. At that time it was the top model, but it is old now.

I had three excuses to justify the purchase. (A) My existing iPod is still working, but the battery is plain dead. So, it is still working if any only if I plug the adapter in. (B) Besides, I have 31GB of songs now, which is a bit bigger than that iPod could take (in fact, it only has 27.5GB capacity). (C) I also plan to buy a portable HDD for storage purpose, and iPod could also do the job (but with more than double the cost).

I should wait a bit. Now they don’t sell the 30GB anymore. Either I buy the smaller 20GB version (which is not logical, according to my objective (B) and (C), or the thicker 60GB version. However, according to the roadmap of Toshiba, iPod should launch their new thin type 1.8inch 40GB and thick 80GB soon, because Toshiba is going to launch their new single disc 1.8inch 40GB HDD and double disc (thicker) 1.8inch 80GB HDD in Sept. In terms of portability, I should go for the thinner and cheaper 40GB (which is the same thickness as the current 20GB). However, according to my objective (B) and (C), I should go for the thicker (and a little little bit dearer) 80GB. Besides, isn’t it cool to carry around the first 80GB on the street, just to show off?

I have to send a email to Steve (Jobs) and ask him to launch the 80GB sooner. I should wait a bit, but I can’t wait.

(advertisement and picture source: http://appleclub.com.hk/itunes/)

New iPod Mini

I am not really sure about the quality of iPod. My old 30GB iPod is not working too well (iTrip now stop working, battery life becomes 1.5 hours…) But I must admit that Apple (Steve Jobs) really know how to do business (recently).

What’s next? Rumors say it would be iPod Mini with color screen and Bluetooth. Some people even says there is a Motorola’s “iPod Phone” coming.