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Bill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero!

Bill Gates, practically the single man who holds largest amount of resources personally in the world, gave a talk about how the planet could be saved in the TED2010 conference. Climate changes and green energy are the hot topics in the recent years. And despite the fact that someone pointed out that it could all be just a “Global Warming Hoax” (and even IPCC admitted that there were some wrong doing during the research process), the topics remain a vital theme of our generation because it is too risky to ignore even we are not 100% sure.

And I won’t choose to ignore it also because it is from the mind of Bill Gates. Imagine the resources and influences that he could have on anything that he endorses. The best part is that his influences are not based on his position (as CEO of a company or the President of a nation) but on his personal merit. That’s something quite different.

Two things to note in his speech. For one, he proposed an equation: CO2 = P x S x E x C. He pointed out that we could not control much on the population growth and reduce much on the services that these population consumes (these two factors are the “demand” component of the equation). I believe that this assumption is somewhat realistic and practical, and thus much easier for a developed middle-class driven country like the U.S. to feel comfortable with. However, I guess he could have also make a wish on how we could “reinvent” our daily life and save a lot of CO2 in the “S” part. I know it is much easier to be said than done, but it would still be very influential if it is coming out from the mouth of Bill Gates (as compared to, say, Mr. Al Gore).

The second thing to note in the speech is about the second part of the equation “E” and “C”. The most significant take away from that is his project in investigating how to burn U238 instead of the existing U235 as a nuclear fuel. It is significant because firstly we have abundance of U238 (as in nature and also as a waste by-product of burning U235), and by doing so we could have a tremendous improvement in fuel efficiency. We know that we need a huge technological breakthrough to achieve this, but if Bill Gates is putting his funds into this, the hope is much higher.

It is truly significant also because it demonstrates how the mind of an entrepreneur (with lots of resources) works: he realised that the existing approaches (of cutting consumptions, lobbying amount nations) won’t work in the long run anyway, so he innovates. He proposes a dramatic solution that other people could not achieve by their incremental improvements. Whether he has already got the best (or even correct) idea, we won’t know, at least for now. And it doesn’t matter, as this approach is more dynamic, innovative and meaningful compared to the argument and frustration we have with all the other approaches.

I admire his effort and his vision. At least much better than how he ran his Microsoft empire.

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Windows 7 Demo

友人傳來下面的 Windows 柒示範。

我唔識日文,所以完全唔知佢 up 乜,只見到那示範者不斷用手指敲打顯示屏面,但敲極也沒有反應,然後節目工作人員一方面插播事前錄好的片段,另一方面同時在搶救失靈中的電腦/顯示屏。最後一臉尷尬地草草收場……

究竟這真的是一趟認真(但失敗)的新產品示範,還是其實是一個攪笑節目嘗試去模擬微軟產品一貫的風格?要我估,我當然估前者,因為微軟產品落場那刻跌低以致示範者當眾出醜其實是一件平常不過的事:連 Bill Gates 自己也在台上出過藍畫面!而平日大家上台做簡報時更一定有經驗曾將所有電腦軟件冇反應、硬件瓜柴、甚至自己發台瘟的因由都全算到 Windows 品質問題的頭上!

不過,又如何?當不日大家買新電腦,我們何嘗不是又會乖乖地投回那不斷被我們嘲笑的 Windows 的懷抱當中嗎?這也好,要不然那又何來一個大眾都供認可信的藉口去解釋自己交唔出功課呢?(最常見的「理由」:做做下部機 hang / 瓜 / rebooted 左,或 saved 完個 file 唔見左)

後來整番好了,再 demo 過 ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_gkLVwMAW8

特首姻親是 Bill Gates

在高登討論區見到有人說:「為何特首姻親不是 Steve Jobs?」(因為「我想要現金卷買Apple Product……」),使我想起多年前敝 blog 轉貼過一個笑話,是關於「如何成為另一個科技界巨頭 Bill Gates 的姻親」之方法。原文是英文,現在譯回中文重貼如下:

蔭權 :我已為了揀好了老婆。
兒子 :唔好卦!封建社會咩?!我相信自由戀愛!
蔭權 :但個女仔係 Bill Gates 個女喎!
兒子 :咁,咁又唔同……

之後,蔭權便去找 Bill Gates……
蔭權 :我幫你個女搵到個好老公喇!
蓋茨 :但我幾個女都好細個咋喎!
蔭權 :但呢個年輕人係世界銀行既副總裁喎!
蓋茨 :咦,咁又可以考慮下……

蔭權 :我想推薦一個年輕人做你的副總裁。
總裁 :但我已經有太多副總裁喇喎!
蔭權 :但呢個年輕人係 Bill Gates 個女婿喎!
總裁 :啊,咁似乎又可以睇睇喎……

請不要太認真,這純粹是個爛 gag。試問我們的特首又怎會這樣精明呢?

Minority Report by Microsoft

Doesn’t it look somewhat familiar?


“Oh, isn’t that what Tom Cruise did in the film Minority Report ?”

“I thought that’s what I saw in the TED Conference 2 years ago.”

“Just that this time Microsoft commercializes it into a hundreds of dollars kind of product instead of the US$10,000 coffee table named Microsoft Surface .”

“Well, in fact that’s what I am doing right now on my iPhone anyway.”

“Oh yeah? But you can’t use both of your index fingers on your iPhone at the same time… …”

“Why I wanna use both my index fingers at the same time with any phone? Who’s gonna hold the phone for me then?”

Source: TechCrunch.com ~ Touchwall: Microsoft’s Inexpensive Wall-Based Multi-Touch Interface
Quote: “Bill Gates will demo a new multi-touch computer and interface today called TouchWall at the Microsoft CEO Summit in Redmond.”

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正所謂「樹大招風」,大家一向都愛取笑軟件界龍頭微軟(如早前那“MS Surface”惡攪廣告)。蘋果亦不例外,常在自己的宣傳短片內揶揄 Bill Gates(大家可到 official Apple.com 內找到這些短片)。

今次有人貼了一幅據講是最新 MacOS X Leopard 的 screen cap,是用家想連線到一個 Windows 電腦時所產生的。大家有否察覺到有何攪笑之處?(如果你看不到,可能是你用電腦的資歷太短,又或你根本不是用開 Windows PC 的人!)是真是偽不緊要,起碼總有一啖笑!

Anyway,若看不出但又想知道迷底的人,可選擇安裝這 Screen Saver(連結是到 official 的 Microsoft web site,保証安全!),你就會恍然大悟!




This is another old joke from my friend:

Jack, a smart businessman, talks to his son…

Jack : I want you to marry a girl of my choice.
Son : I will choose my own bride.
Jack : But the girl is Bill Gates’s daughter.
Son : Well, in that case…

Next Jack approaches Bill Gates.
Jack : I have a husband for your daughter.
Bill Gates : But my daughter is too young to marry.
Jack : But this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank.
Bill Gates : Ah, in that case…

Finally Jack goes to see the president of the World Bank.

Jack : I have a young man to be recommended as a vice-president.
President : But I already have more vice-presidents than I need.
Jack : But this young man is Bill Gates’s son-in-law.
President : Ah, in that case…..

This is how business is done!!!