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Why PhD Students should Blog (Part 2)

– Week 6

Ok, the engine has started. I have to move forward at the final straight road with full speed now — the straight road to become a PhD student. Well, in fact I have been wandering at the starting line of the final straight road for some time now, long enough for me to realized that I should have started my engine long time ago.

And I am those people who need to perform the “move” within a special “mode”. If I am not in a mode, I am “unmovable”. I would just still keep wandering around for nothing. And when I am going into the mode, I have to announce to myself and to others.

And so here I am: now I have to tune myself into this “Student-to-be” mode, starting from today. And things are just all happened with such a best timing. As you can see, yesterday I have started writing my blog as if I were already a PhD student, thanks to the Blogger-Idol link. And today evening I just attended the class held by the University’s Library showing us how to search the research database. Oh, also this morning when I do my second round of GMAT, the topic of the second article I got to write is “Why Education, not Property or Money, provide the best individual opportunity in today’s world”. By writing this little article, it helped me to reassure the reason why I was sitting there doing the stupid GMAT for the 2nd time with 2 months.

This is why PhD students should Blog. By writing to our own selves, it helps to reassure that we are (still) walking on the right track, at the right pace.

Why PhD Students should Blog

– Week 6

I am not a PhD student myself. Not yet. I would like to be one very soon, but I still have some hurdles to go over before I could become one (and applying for it should be one of the big hurdles). In fact, today, a beautiful Sunday, I am trying to focus on my GMAT study because I am going to have my 2nd round of GMAT exam tomorrow morning, solely for my PhD application…

Anyway, let me get back to the subject. Why Blogging is good for PhD student? And first of all, I know the topic here says “Why ((any occupation)) should blog”, and some might say PhD is not really an occupation. However, anyone who is already a PhD or studying for PhD now should know that being a PhD student is in fact a full time occupation, but a very low paid one…

Anyway, once again let me get back to the subject. There are two to three main activities (beside the personal one) that a PhD would perform on his/her day to day life: doing research for his/her dissertation, teaching (assisting) for his/her supervisor(s) and perhaps doing a part time job(s) to earn the school fees. Blogging should help to enhance the qualities of all these three situations, because “writing” as a profession should be one of the key skill of a PhD graduate, and writing blogs, in a way, should help.

Blogging should also be a good platform to record the research notes, and to dispatch the research findings bit by bit. Others (people all over the world) could help to provide comments on those notes and findings.

And of course I would imagine doing research would be a very lonely and boring job. So, it is very important to find a way to express one’s thoughts and to get away boredom, and writing blogs should be one of the good ways (especially those scholars who do not fancy in doing sports with thick glasses).

Well, it is about time for me to get back to my boring GMAT study. Best of luck to myself tomorrow…

My First Blog

I am going to write my own blog starting from today. Today is officially my first day in the new office. According to the Tong Shing, today is a better day to start a new job. Besides, the department assistant was on “medical leave” (this is a new term I’ve learnt yesterday) yesterday, so nothing could be setup for me. Officially, I would say a man without a computer (and Internet connection) is a man without a real job. So I have decided to conclude that my job starts today, with an assumption that I would see her today.

I am glad that so far most of the things turn out as I was expecting them to be. I must say that I didn’t have much expectation anyway, so this “expectation test” is fairly easy to pass. Everything is within the imagination of a man who have already lived half his career life in this place before.

Here is my goal. My goal for today is to work out a plan for myself for at least the first 3 weeks of my days here before I go off to Beijing.