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Jac Jac 是個既好靜但亦好動的小朋友。他在媽媽懷中歡欣地揭開他鍾愛的「音樂書」,一臉充滿期望的樣子。

在媽媽耐心的誘導下,Jac Jac 還跟著書中發出的音樂一起和唱;大家都陶醉在一片和諧的歌聲之中。

「不如我自己來啦,唔駛媽媽你操心啦!」Jac Jac 說。他雖然是變得主動了,但仍能將專注力放於書中和音樂中,仍是一個文靜的小朋友。

真是天有不測之風雲! Jac Jac 可能忽然間決定轉行由音樂家變為武將,要一展身手!他突然宣佈:「唱到呢到,係時候要表演一下我的武林絕學:向上翻騰一周半然後砰彭落地!」結果,如是者於電光火石之間那本書(不是 Jac Jac 自己)便被他一手飛起再一手按回床上,過程清脆利落,另人嘆為觀止!

「Da Da Ma Ma,你地做乜用咁既眼神望著我呢?」Jac Jac 一臉茫然,完全不明白為何我們要目定口呆地望著他!

【Babyhood】 by Paul Reiser

My wife suddenly reminded me that we had a book called “Babyhood” by Paul Reiser. I bought this book 8 years ago in Sydney, because I liked the book “Couplehood” by the same author. Of course, since at that time I was busy in getting ready for the “couplehood” thing in my life, but had really nothing to do with “babyhood” yet, so I in fact I have not yet really read it for the last 8 years.

Now perhaps it is about time for me to pick it up and start reading it. It smells good. Like an old kind of dishes that you have missed for a long time, and suddenly it is placed in front of you.

Let me share with you guys what it is all about after I really have time to read it.

Oh, by the way, if anyone would ask: yes, this Paul is the Paul in the TV series “Mad About You”, which he co-starred with Helen Hunt.