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餐蛋麵,熱奶茶。於大學 canteen。


Late afternoon tea / Early dinner

Dinner / 宵夜




【自家製美食】五成熟加拿大 Prime 肉眼扒(連有血有肉圖)

Picture星期六晚我做大廚,弄了牛扒。我們在Citysuper 買了兩件加拿大 Prime 肉眼,賣相比澳洲扒好看,但又平過美牛一大截。

我只用少許生磨胡椒和海鹽再加一茶匙紅Picture酒醃兩個鐘。我們那個不太 Pro 的坑 Pan 去煎。我目標是五成熟,所以我先用猛火煎四分鐘,之後便反扒用慢火再煎多一分鐘便上碟。樣子看來還可以吧?



Picture PicturePicture


有薯味,但唔油,咸味剛剛好,食得出淡淡海鹽的味道,而又冇卡樂B and 珍珍的味精味道。鬆化但有質感,不似鬍鬚佬牌像用薯粉壓出來一般,又沒有一些英式「pan-fried」薯片(標榜自己少油)般硬。

Price:Forgot already… who cares!「好味」比「價錢」更重要!(不過我是在 CitySuper 買的,平極有限……)

Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant in London

After I stay in the hotel room for the whole afternoon for emails and IDD, I went out alone to take the subway to the Old Street Station to visit the famous Fifteen Restaurant by Jamie Oliver. I heard that they usually need a reservation of 6 months in advance. I had 2 hours in advance. So I decided to go there earlier. Much earlier. They normally start to serve dinner at 6:00pm, so I was there at 5:30pm, and asked for a table for one.

It worked. They put me at the Trattoria, which is the more casual restaurant upstairs of the main restaurant. I didn’t really mind as long as it is good. I promised to give the table back to them before they were full (but after I was full).

I stayed at the bar for a glass of Italian house red (only then I knew it is a Italian Restaurant). The wine was good, and the food was good too. I had a good grilled squid and sardine as the starter, and then a seafood pasta as the middle course. I had a grilled rib eye steak for the main course, with spinach and cheese salad on the top. Delicious. The olive oil and vinegar that goes with the Italian bread is also very good too.

I recommend this restaurant to everyone who like good and fresh food. Especially for those who love olive oil and pasta, you shouldn’t miss this. And if you don’t have 6 months in advance, you could try my trick to go there earlier to grab a seat.