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New iTunes Phone or Video iPod?

Apple has sent out invitations to members of the press for a “Special Event” on Wednesday, September 6 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, notes CNET News.com. “1,000 songs in your pocket changed everything,” the invitation reads, alluding to the release of the first 5GB iPod nearly four years ago. “Here we go again.” As usual, details on the announcement have spawned a plethora of rumors, but CNET notes that “Record company executives have said recently that Apple has been seeking licenses to distribute a wide variety of music videos through the iTunes music store, and that the computer company has told them of plans to unveil an iPod that plays video.” Appleinsider.com on the other hand expects Jobs to announce the new Motorola ROKR iTunes music phones during the event.

In any case, it would be another breakthrough by Apple. (I am becoming the promotion agent of Apple lately…).

(Source: CNET.com and AppleInsider.com)