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Software on this iPhone has expired

Sick leave at home. The best thing to do is to sleep all the way from 9 to 5. The second best thing to do is to update my devices to iOS 4.3.

That was fun. And the fun were two parts. The first part was about how I love the cool new feature of iOS 4.3 on iPad: new multi-touch gestures. If you swipe the screen sideways with 4 fingers, than you could jump directly to the next opened app. And this is very handy. More, if you swipe up, the multitasking bar would be revealed; and if you pinch the screen with four fingers, the home screen would be revealed. For the latter two, they were also cool, but not something you can’t do without.

The second part was even more exciting. I upgraded my iPhone4 to iOS 4.3 Beta 3 some weeks ago (and has been enjoying creating my own “Personal Hotspot” with it every since). On the day of the official release of iOS 4.3 I did try to plug my iPhone with iTunes on my Mac to detect the upgrade, but nothing had happened. Yesterday morning suddenly my iPhone stopped working and asked me to plug it in to iTunes again. I did, and it said: “The software on the iPhone XXX has expired and must be updated to a newer version.”. However, when I pressed the update button, nothing happened. It became a brick (well, not for the first time).

People from the forum said that the iTunes cannot detect the difference between Beta 3 and the officially release, and thought they were both iOS4.3, and so no upgrade is needed although the beta has expired already. What to do? I could either wait for Apple to release 4.3.1 (and by then I guess iTunes could really tell the difference), or I could do what I have done. I acted like a pro, search around on the Apple forum alongside with those real developers who are holding the same iphone-bricks with me, and found the solution:

1. Download the ipsw file directly from somewhere.
2. Force the iTunes to upgrade the iPhone by Option-Click the iTunes’ “update” button, and select the downloaded file.

iOS 4.3 for iPhone 4:
iOS 4.3 for iPad:
iOS 4.3 for iPhone 3GS:
iOS 4.3 for iPod Touch 3G:
iOS 4.3 for iPod Touch 4G:
iOS 4.3 for Apple TV:

The “somewhere” depends on what you want to get, all links to Apple download site. However, the site developer.apple.com doesn’t reveal this link to us. Lucky that someone found them and provided them on the forum. Device upgraded at a blink. Everything’s back to normal.

Now, on top of how I am feeling good using iOS 4.3, I also feel very proud of being a pretended-to-be Apple-developer-pro, for a limited period of 120 minutes.


Ristretto_NespressoHere I am. 3:47am. After the second shot of Ristretto, I don’t think I would be heading back to bed too soon. Oh well. I got plenty of things on my list anyway. Writing something here is one of them. But of course not like this. I didn’t plan to be this way anyway.

By the way, my problem of not updating here has been tackled. Kinda. My excuse was to find an easier way to type. I mean Chinese, particularly on my Mac.

Now, I have found the way out. I would either use my iPhone as the wireless numpad to type qcode (which I have learnt already in 90 seconds two days ago) on my MBP, or to simply switch myself back to pure English. The later could be a better choice because eventually I need to write something formally in English with perhaps a quarter million of words. And I better start practicing it from now.

hmm… finally it is the WordBooker who got me. Now I am sleepy enough to go back to the bed.

我唔會買 iPhone 4G

又到了「我唔會買 i… …」系列時間。

每逢 Steve Jobs 穿上 501 加 993 在台上講話後,我總會發一篇謬論去說我如何「不會」買這「i 系列」的新玩具,主旨是來化解我內心的酸葡萄。

但今次不同。無論 Steve Jobs 昨晚說到那新產品如何吸引,我都會斬釘截鐵的說「我不會買 iPhone 4G」!原因?因為根本上就沒有 iPhone「4G」這回事嘛!!人家說的是「iPhone 4」呀!

其實也難怪。蘋果一向叫之前的版本做 iPhone 3G 與 3GS,而且之前 iPod 也是用類似的叫法(classic / mini / shuffle / nano / touch 都會由 1G 起一直到 3G~6G為止),所以自然地也會以為今次的 iPhone 會叫 4G(但這卻會使大家誤會這電話可以駁上 4G 流動電話網絡啊!)。

爛 gag 搞完。簡單短評一下這部新機。蘋果真厲害!前拍鏡頭、閃燈、Multitasking、5 Megapixels、拍片、(較)長 talk time 這些別人來說已幾歲大的舊功能,在 Steve Jobs 口中,竟可以變成賣新機的大賣點!這可看出 Steve Jobs / Apple / iPhone 的品牌魅力之强!

不過,說真的,我下一部電話還是會買 iPhone。可能不是 iPhone 4(因為我的 3G 仍好端端在運行中 ~ 而且也未供完),但,我已離不開那 iPhone OS 了!對我來說,那貼心順人的操作介面 / 平台才是多年來「i 系列」的致命賣點啊!

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午飯後在後街地上拾了幾球花絮,打算拿回家讓 Jacob 和 Chester 玩吹絮。原來這玩意很黐身,弄到我的褲袋和 T 裇都沾滿了白毛毛。這些毛毛除為了使這花絮可乘風被吹到幾里遠之外,還可以很有效地去抓著第一個能被依附著的表面!看到木棉為了繁衍自己的生命而作出這些的精妙的設計,不禁讓我對這被稱為「英雄樹」的木棉有更深的體會:他要站得這麼高,為的不是要去扮英雄,而是希望他的種籽能飛得更遠!

相片是用 iPhone 的弱能相機所拍,只有能力拍定鏡樹景。飄絮嘛!眼力好的會看到花旁的白點,否則就要自己走出街去看了。

What is iPad?

The new iPad commercial — “What is iPad?”

iPad is thin. iPad is beautiful. iPad goes anywhere and lasts all day. There’s no right way or wrong way. It’s crazy powerful. It’s magical. You already know how to use it. It’s 200,000 apps and counting. All the world’s websites in your hand. It’s video, photos, more books than you can read in a lifetime. It’s already a revolution and its only just begun.

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