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Chrome for iOS

I have been using Chrome since day one (well, honestly, since day three, 4/Sept/2008).

At that time I (correctly) predicted that Google would flood the world in the mobile space. Three and a half years later, Android + Chrome conquer almost 60% of the smartphone world. Interestingly at that time I named his rivals as MS IE, Firefox and Safari, now it seems that the browsers game is not even the battleground anymore at all.

Anyway, a few days ago Google has launched Chrome on iOS. After the trial, I would say even though it is not as strategically important as how Chrome was for the desktop world at the previous age, but still it is a sticky product because the UX is smarter and neater (than Mobile Safari) (I never a big fan of Opera so I won’t compare with it).

Chrome on iPad offers Siri-liked voice search function (previously already on the Google iOS app), that’s cool, but not exciting. Syncing everything everywhere is handy, especially it remember which devices I have surfed that location with, that’s really cool.

I have put my Safari inactive and surf with Chrome on my iPhones and iPads from today onwards. No turning back.

我唔會買 iPhone 4G

又到了「我唔會買 i… …」系列時間。

每逢 Steve Jobs 穿上 501 加 993 在台上講話後,我總會發一篇謬論去說我如何「不會」買這「i 系列」的新玩具,主旨是來化解我內心的酸葡萄。

但今次不同。無論 Steve Jobs 昨晚說到那新產品如何吸引,我都會斬釘截鐵的說「我不會買 iPhone 4G」!原因?因為根本上就沒有 iPhone「4G」這回事嘛!!人家說的是「iPhone 4」呀!

其實也難怪。蘋果一向叫之前的版本做 iPhone 3G 與 3GS,而且之前 iPod 也是用類似的叫法(classic / mini / shuffle / nano / touch 都會由 1G 起一直到 3G~6G為止),所以自然地也會以為今次的 iPhone 會叫 4G(但這卻會使大家誤會這電話可以駁上 4G 流動電話網絡啊!)。

爛 gag 搞完。簡單短評一下這部新機。蘋果真厲害!前拍鏡頭、閃燈、Multitasking、5 Megapixels、拍片、(較)長 talk time 這些別人來說已幾歲大的舊功能,在 Steve Jobs 口中,竟可以變成賣新機的大賣點!這可看出 Steve Jobs / Apple / iPhone 的品牌魅力之强!

不過,說真的,我下一部電話還是會買 iPhone。可能不是 iPhone 4(因為我的 3G 仍好端端在運行中 ~ 而且也未供完),但,我已離不開那 iPhone OS 了!對我來說,那貼心順人的操作介面 / 平台才是多年來「i 系列」的致命賣點啊!

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