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Miami Heat is the Champ of NBA2006!

PictureHeat Won! Finally Heat got through from down 0:2 to now 4:2! While everybody is watching the World Cup, someone like me is still keeping an eye on the NBA games. At the final 10 secs, Wade got a big steal and also won a pair of foul shots. The hype heated up when Wade missed both shots and returned the ball to Dal. Itwas a pity that at the end Terry from Dal tried a 3 pointer but missed (otherwise the game would be forced to OT). And the Champ went to Heat!

Dwyane Wade became the Finals MVP. Yeah!

活塞繼續 in the game !

NBA 東岸決賽,活塞由3:1追到3:2。Prince 入了個人季後賽新高29分。Picture我是活塞的球迷,主要原因是欣賞他們沒有球星但仍可勝出。我喜歡實而不華的演出;我不喜歡明星球星,因為比英雄主義,我更喜歡團隊精神。活塞就是這樣的一隊球隊,沒有球星,但有穩健的防守,而且是靠 consistency 和 teamwork 贏波。我喜歡他們,可能因為我覺得我也是這樣的人。我不會鶴立雞群,但我希望我靠默默耕耘能穩中求勝。

希望他們活塞能再贏兩局,反超前拿下東岸冠軍! 或 at least 再贏多一局,追到3:3,讓球賽好看些!

(Photo Source: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images)


Look at that. Cleveland, 2nd from Eastern, could only come in 8th (at the time this is written, Dec 23, 2004) if East and West are placed together!


And O Neal should be very happy because without much effort he could lead the winning team at the East! (placed it back, it could only be forth after Seattle).

The learning behind the story is, you don’t have to be a great man to be ok sucessful, you just have to pick the right environment. But of course at the end if you want to be really really sucessful (to win the final champ), then you still have to be great, otherwise the team from Eastern would beat the shit out of you when meet. Perhaps O’Neal could make it to the final, and God bless to him also to win the Champ at the end.