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Ristretto_NespressoHere I am. 3:47am. After the second shot of Ristretto, I don’t think I would be heading back to bed too soon. Oh well. I got plenty of things on my list anyway. Writing something here is one of them. But of course not like this. I didn’t plan to be this way anyway.

By the way, my problem of not updating here has been tackled. Kinda. My excuse was to find an easier way to type. I mean Chinese, particularly on my Mac.

Now, I have found the way out. I would either use my iPhone as the wireless numpad to type qcode (which I have learnt already in 90 seconds two days ago) on my MBP, or to simply switch myself back to pure English. The later could be a better choice because eventually I need to write something formally in English with perhaps a quarter million of words. And I better start practicing it from now.

hmm… finally it is the WordBooker who got me. Now I am sleepy enough to go back to the bed.



今天是截止日期,但我的計劃書仍只得三頁紙長。雖然不是越長越好,但無論如何三頁紙就是絕對不可能夠份量。縱使我由前幾日開始不眠不休地嘗試去完成,到最後也會是一份垃圾計劃書,亦會被慘痛地被 rejected。

當然自己宣佈退出會好過被 rejected,因為這樣便不會在 examiner 的心目中留下差的印象。反之下一年若要再來的話便一定會扣分。

現在若向好的方面想的話,可視為一個使我明年 sure win 的機會,尤其現在我可以真正 demostrate 我如何可以 part-time 去 conduct 我的研究。似乎,現在想深一層,一年後才報名可能更好。


Objectives of Doctorate Research

做 Doctorate research 的第一件事是要想清楚自己的目標。

目標分三種。第一種是 officially 做 research 本身的目標。Research 比資料搜集多一個step,資料搜集是關於what的問題,而 research 是資料搜集之後的那個 step,來道出 why 的答案。有意義的 research 要忠於客觀的資料搜集及有一個 open mind 去分析這些資料。Research 概括有三種:第一種是從資料推斷出一些理論出來。第二種是將現有的理論用不同的condition去測試,從而可refine本來理論的準確度。第三種是將現有的理論應用於problem solving 的層面上,去解決一些現實生活中遇到的問題。作為official 做research 的目標,這三種Research 也是可取的,只要題目是有意義的。通常第二種是最容易的,所以也最適合做 doctorate research。

第二種是 PhD 學生做 Research 的目標。Research 的過程可以學到資料發現、搜集、整理、分析和批判,以及邏輯和理論的建立。所以 Research 算是學習有系統地思考的訓練。

第三種是做 PhD 學生的目標。很簡單,讀 PhD 最終也是想儘快畢業拿到一份教職或 Researcher職位,所以 Research 的設計越簡單越好。務求可以無驚無險地儘快畢業。

到最後,第三種目標是最實際的,但也不可忘記大學也想要達到第二種目標才算成功。當然若果忘記了第一種 officially 做 research 本身的目標的話,這 Research 也很難成功,也失去意義了。


昨天開始了第一步: 去了圖書館借了幾本教寫 proposal 的書,開始預備怎樣準備寫博士生申請書。整個申請(或可能是整個PhD 生涯)最重要的是那份 Research proposal,所以本來 prepare 這份 proposal 也應是一個 Full time job。最理想的情況是我可以在最遲年底前閞始有一份大學教職,同時可以用起碼三份一時間去做資料搜集及編寫研究計劃書。所以我第二步是要快快找份大學教職來做。第三步是同步開始訂立整個 PhD 過程的進度表,掌握自己各項活動的先後緩急和時間分配。講就容易!

Why PhD Students should Blog (Part 2)

– Week 6

Ok, the engine has started. I have to move forward at the final straight road with full speed now — the straight road to become a PhD student. Well, in fact I have been wandering at the starting line of the final straight road for some time now, long enough for me to realized that I should have started my engine long time ago.

And I am those people who need to perform the “move” within a special “mode”. If I am not in a mode, I am “unmovable”. I would just still keep wandering around for nothing. And when I am going into the mode, I have to announce to myself and to others.

And so here I am: now I have to tune myself into this “Student-to-be” mode, starting from today. And things are just all happened with such a best timing. As you can see, yesterday I have started writing my blog as if I were already a PhD student, thanks to the Blogger-Idol link. And today evening I just attended the class held by the University’s Library showing us how to search the research database. Oh, also this morning when I do my second round of GMAT, the topic of the second article I got to write is “Why Education, not Property or Money, provide the best individual opportunity in today’s world”. By writing this little article, it helped me to reassure the reason why I was sitting there doing the stupid GMAT for the 2nd time with 2 months.

This is why PhD students should Blog. By writing to our own selves, it helps to reassure that we are (still) walking on the right track, at the right pace.

Why PhD Students should Blog

– Week 6

I am not a PhD student myself. Not yet. I would like to be one very soon, but I still have some hurdles to go over before I could become one (and applying for it should be one of the big hurdles). In fact, today, a beautiful Sunday, I am trying to focus on my GMAT study because I am going to have my 2nd round of GMAT exam tomorrow morning, solely for my PhD application…

Anyway, let me get back to the subject. Why Blogging is good for PhD student? And first of all, I know the topic here says “Why ((any occupation)) should blog”, and some might say PhD is not really an occupation. However, anyone who is already a PhD or studying for PhD now should know that being a PhD student is in fact a full time occupation, but a very low paid one…

Anyway, once again let me get back to the subject. There are two to three main activities (beside the personal one) that a PhD would perform on his/her day to day life: doing research for his/her dissertation, teaching (assisting) for his/her supervisor(s) and perhaps doing a part time job(s) to earn the school fees. Blogging should help to enhance the qualities of all these three situations, because “writing” as a profession should be one of the key skill of a PhD graduate, and writing blogs, in a way, should help.

Blogging should also be a good platform to record the research notes, and to dispatch the research findings bit by bit. Others (people all over the world) could help to provide comments on those notes and findings.

And of course I would imagine doing research would be a very lonely and boring job. So, it is very important to find a way to express one’s thoughts and to get away boredom, and writing blogs should be one of the good ways (especially those scholars who do not fancy in doing sports with thick glasses).

Well, it is about time for me to get back to my boring GMAT study. Best of luck to myself tomorrow…