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陳奕迅《Time Flies 時日如飛》

上星期在 HMV 聽罷整隻碟,但沒有買下。沒錯,唱功已到了化境,音效也是一等一水準(尤其是之後我再試聽了 Big Four 的精選碟,相比之下很明顯大家投放的成本真是差天共地),但總是像欠缺了甚麼似的,click 不中我。可能是歌詞所說的世界離我太遠?說到底,我還是喜歡華星時代反高潮、我甚麼都沒有、愛上你是我眼睛的錯、黑夜不再來、當這地球沒有花、今天等我來、與我常在和天下無雙的他。

不過,其實沒有買也真的沒所謂。環球/新藝寶已將全碟的 MV 上載於 YouTube 了。下面附上無人之境,大人,一絲不掛和陀飛輪的 MV,還有他自己親身解說創作概念與感想的短片。

Amazing March

I missed the month March. Time flies. When I realise it is about time to write blog again, I find out that I have already disappeared almost two months.

Where am I? Ever since Mr Tung quitted, I have no mood to update the blog no more. Well, that’s not really true. In fact I have had a very busy March. I was marching in a mist towards my new life. And no, I did not applied PhD. I gave up. I have started, I have tried, but I was too busy to complete the task.

And because of some human made luck, I quitted my old job and got a new one. And since last Monday, I have been working for the new boss. Things are tough, but exciting. And I don’t know the end of my journey; I only know that I have to keep marching forward.

Good night.