Target to lose 15 lbs before summer (this summer. Reallly.)

I started this last week. I lost 2.5 lbs. And than I gain back 1.8 lbs yesterday. Today I skipped breakfast, quitted coffee, and only have a bowl of salad (but I must say it is a fat salad. It is a Chicken Cesar Salad. )

I hope I could wear skin tight T-Shirt by summer. I hope.

And yes, I quitted Coffee today. Or at least I quitted drinking jar and jar table top coffee. So I had the Google AdSense to show the keywords “Coffee” for the first time, and the last time, yesterday, perhaps.


One thought on “Target to lose 15 lbs before summer (this summer. Reallly.)”

  1. 努力呀! 我都試過用了一段頗長時間減肥, 前後減了三十磅, 成績嚇倒自己!
    some tips for u:
    skip breakfast, or just skim milk with a slice of white bread
    for lunch, either fruits or congee
    for dinner, only 餸, no rice!
    do some workouts, walk more! 期待聽到你的好消息!

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