The Butterfly Effect

Anyone out there likes this movie as well? I like it very much. Yes, I am not talking about the real “butterfly effect” theory. I am talking about the Hollywood movie.

The butterfly effect states that any slight change in one part of the world would have a massive domino effect on lots of subsequent and perhaps unrelated events. On top of this, the movie “The Butterfly Effect” has an extra message, which is, of course, not being mentioned in the original theory: if we could go back in time, what ever we do differently – and positively, it would some what has a negative effect on the other aspect on our own life. It is because the world is fair.

In the story, no matter how hard Evan (the main guy) try to go back the time and change the history to save himself and to save the people around him, there would always be some new bad things pop up to balance out the change. I see this as a very hash but real observation of our life. Wouldn’t it be great if we could always run our life as how we play show hand: keep the good cards and change the bad cards? It reminds me how we play those RPG games. During set up, we always have to tune the statistics of the character at the start. Everybody is given certain among of total score. It is the user who would decide how to allocate the score. If we want to have more “wisdom”, then we might have to give up some “strength”. That’s life.

I watched the movie at home, which is the director cut in the DVD. I love the ending very much, and I feel lucky that I didn’t watch it in the cinema. For the welfare of those of you who has not yet bought the DVD, I am not going to spell out the difference. Please go and buy the DVD and watch all 4 different endings, and you will know what I mean.

Tell me what you think!