The Death of Education or the Dawn of Learning

If you see yourself as a Teacher or a Learner of some sort, then you have to watch this. I guess which means everybody, right?

“So the student is at the centre, and school is just one of ways and places that they learn… …”

“Children are living now in a different space… … the space that they are texting, the space that they are updating their facebook. the space that they are twitting, the space that is not quite synchronized. This is a very interesting space… … not pressured… … They can reflect, retract, research, repeat… … And is a great world for learning.”

“If we simply apply standards, if we simply have a standard regime or a standardized testing … … it is economically a foolish idea because the jobs these kids in school would be having do not call for this kind of right answer / vending machine approach.”

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