The History of Web Browsers

IE9Microsoft IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) is finally out. As I am not running Windows at home so I am not going to test it today (yes, I am still sick-leaving at home, for the 2nd day).

I always hate IE since when it was a kid. It was slow and ugly. I hated it more when it murdered Netscape. So I jumped to Firefox as soon as it was available, just to avoid using IE. Now I am using Chrome all the time because I am so used to the native searching ability within the browsers. Which browser are you using now?

Below is a beautiful infographic for the history of web browsers. Pretty cool huh?  (I love how Opera could remain as a straight thin line for all these years, and still exists.)
History of web browsers Dehahs
Sources: DEHAHS via Bit Rebels

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