The Myth of Not Updating

I have not been updating my blog for almost 2 weeks now. Why? Coz I would like to get my blog a new home. The purpose is to make it more flexible so that I could start to organize my thoughts about my research more effectively. Now I have done it. So, please come and take a look!

I picked WordPress. And after the transfer, I know why so many people have picked the same thing. I am amazed by how easy the task has been, thanks to the super super user-friendliness of WordPress. It let me enjoy the flexibility and capability that a decent software / platform should have, as an outsider. The actual setting up and customization only took me around an hour (the pain is how I could export my old stuff to here, but I have given that up after a few tries, coz I simply don’t have time for it). Now I feel regret not to move earlier (I did say it out loud 2 years ago.)

With the new structure, I try to make it more organized (with categories and related URL links). I won’t update my old site anymore. The new domain is, with the same old Feedburner RSS. Please bookmark / subscribe me.

Stay tuned, folks!!

13 thoughts on “The Myth of Not Updating”

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    1. Well, thanks for Jacky, the transfer is done. And for other matters (tagging, comments etc), I just have to give up… …

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